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Captain Gamer

The Metroid Topic - Metroid: Other M

Since we don't have a Metroid topic, bam. And let's start off right shall we? In case you've been living under a Rockman...

Metroid: Other M trailer

These guys have summed up my reaction perfectly. Real reactions in my own words to come later.

based on what I've seen of it, it's insanely awsome, but I just hope it isn't like the later Mega man X games who sort of shoved X into the whole 3rd person 3d thing... although samas was ALREADY in a 3d environment... hmm... guess i just gotta check it out for myself then! Very Happy

Actually, this one looks less like an FPS than the "Prime" series did.

I fully intend to buy it.
And given my track record, not get very far.

That's true, and it will be interesting to see the transition mostly due to the fact that until now Metroid has only been played in first peson as far as 3D gameing is concerned. All I hope is that the gameplay doesn't try too hard to be like it's predesessors (haha... misspelled... yeah Very Happy), and screw up the new gameplay by trying to make those who are used to prime happy. From what I've seen so far, this is not the case, but it's a constant threat that is not to be taken lightly... not that there was anything wrong with prime, just that FPS gameplay, and 3rd Person gameplay don't usually mix well...

TCC wrote:
...FPS gameplay, and 3rd Person gameplay don't usually mix well...

Actually, FPS gameplay and 3rd person gameplay are directly contrary to each other. It's impossible to have first and third person gameplay at the same time...

Hey, what do you guys think the title refers to?
Captain Gamer

Koji_Tsunami wrote:
Hey, what do you guys think the title refers to?

My guess? Since it is so obviously Adam Malkovich who says "Any objections, lady?" in the trailer, he's a good candidate for being the other M.

In that case, what's the first M?

Of course, my first thought was of parallel universes, since I read that Sonic fan comic a couple years ago...

Don't know how likely that is, but it'd be interesting, at the very least. Forum Index -> Video Game Discussion
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