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The one, the only...KOAKO

First off, let me begin by saying that if it wasn't for Jjkay, I wouldn't be here. A secondly, I forgot what she called herself on this forum. Don't kill me!

ANYWAYS! On with the introduction. As all you quick-witted individuals may have guessed, I am Koako, a simple chimp from the far away land of Canada.
I used to do the sprite comic "Jedi Wars" on Donut Pie, kinda died on me. Donut Pie that is, a bunch of trouble with the new administator and paying bills, then he gave up so....yeah.
I am someone who words cannot describe, so only YOU! can learn the real Koako! Now take lightsaber in hand, and read every single one of my posts, so that you may learn who Koako is!

Welcome, welcome! Always good to see a fresh face around here. I look forward to seeing you on the forum, and subsequently scouring every last one of your posts for every shred of a clue to your identity that is possible.

Oh, and by the way, around here Jjkay goes by the name Skybait J, or Skybait for short.
Skybait J

I call mehself "Teh Jj" Razz

Yay, Koako! You finally joined like I told you to! Welcome to the sleeping tiger that is the gamerhang. Or maybe a sleeping teddy bear. I'm afraid to poke it in the eye to see what would happen <.<

Don't worry Skybait, poking tigers in the eye is what Koako does best!

Welcome! This forum needs all the devoted members it can get, and we can't wait to see you in the forums!

(Thanks, Sky, for getting another victi-uh...member! Yes, that's it...)
Chocolate Ninja

Excellent, we've caught another one! (Well, Skybait did anyways.) Welcome aboard!

Great! Welcome to the GamerHang!
Nice to see someone else actually join.
And you cared enough to introduce yourself!
Hope you enjoy our little community here. Smile

Well, most others beat me to it, but, all the same, welcome to the gamerhang forums. :3 Hope you stick around and post plenty, while this place gently accrues more members. Smile

Koako wrote:
Don't worry Skybait, poking tigers in the eye is what Koako does best!
But what if it turns out to be a teddy bear instead? What will you do then? Forum Index -> Formal Introductions
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