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Captain Gamer

The Orphaned Works Bill

First of all, let me just say that I do not expect anything out of anybody here in terms of complete compliance. Nobody's being forced into anything. This is to raise awareness at the absolute least.

Orphaned Works: Pieces of art the creator of which it is difficult or impossible to come into contact with.

The Orphaned Works Bill has been raised and defeated going on 32 years. The aim is to gain access to a piece of work which has potential, but interested parties cannot do anything because the creator is unable to consent.

Well, like many other things, this vision may have been corrupted by, at the very least, poor wording, or so I hear.

Introduced by David O. Carson, the newest incarnation Orphaned Works Bill is due out next week. You can look into, and should, but the main bulletpoint is this:

Any creative work may be at risk if you don't explicitly claim it as yours.


Articles relevant. Feel free to seek out other sources of information, and not just these:

Here is an alternate viewpoint saying that this bill does NOT threaten creativite property:

This is the link that the previous article uses to base its arguments

Here's an article going even more in-depth to argue that this bill is nothing to fear:


deviantART's petition. If you feel that the bill is a threat, feel free to sign:

The list of elected officials, including contact information.

Listings of a committee:

Whether or not this bill presents a threat to creative property, awareness still must be raised about it. Until heads or tails can be made about whether this bill can cause un-copywrited material to be at risk.

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