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Somebody Ancient

Tis' I...

Greetings... Though, err, theres not much to greet, with me being the what, fourth person to post?

As you can see, plain as day, my username is "Somebody Ancient".
You can call me SA if you are too lazy to type all that.

The cloak of ages hides my true self, thought I believe some will be able to see through it...
Perhaps I am the eater of people. Perhaps I am the drinker of tea. Perhaps I am the destroyer of rotten tomato and onion salads. And maybe, just maybe, I really am all three.

...I just realized that rhymes. Oh well.

Let's see. Other things about myself? Well, theres a risk of accidently dropping my cloak in this, so perhaps I should lie?
No, that would be inappropriate, now, would it? I guess I could mention the more... common things...

I am videogamer. I am very picky about what I play. My favorite genres are RPG, RTS and simulation.
I'm always up to date with the latest emulators out there.
I'm also an experienced roleplayer. I hope this forum will have active RPs in the future.
Let's see... What else? I like cheese, I guess.

And that is all I'll say for now.
I'm pleased to be here, and I will support this place, wether it grows into a tower or crumbles to dust.
Captain Gamer

Welcome to these fledgling forums! I wouldn't worry too much about how the site does if I were you. That's my job! I'm sure that the next time I update Digital Defender, we'll see the first surge of activity. Until then, feel free to lay back and make up the backbone of the GamerHang Forums' usership. Laughing;

I'll hold you to that roleplay claim, though. When more users register, let's make the roleplay forum a grand one!

I second that notion, I haven't gotten to roleplay in ages. I suppose my somewhat overdone vocabulary and tendency towards articulate yet somewhat confusing prose, does not help such matters. XP

But yeah, welcome.
<.< RPGs and RTS, huh? Played much of the following?
Shadowhearts series, Breath of Fire series, Grandia series, Summon Night series, Brood Wars, Black and White 2, the Total War series.
Edit: Oh, or the Dawn of War Warhammer stuff. XD
Somebody Ancient

I'm not worried, CG Wink

Konoko - Of those you mentioned, I played BoF (all), Grandia (1&2), Summon Night (Only the swordcrafts, all), Black and White (1&2).

I focus more on RPGs, if that helps.

Greetings, O Ancient One.
Any particular preference when it comes to sims? Ex. sports sims, flight sims, The Sims, anything?
I'm a huge fan of RPG's of all (well, most) types, myself, though I've not had the chance to get much traditional RPGaming under my belt.
I also emulate a little, but not much - just stuff which I can either not get otherwise, or stuff which I already have and want save states for. (What can I say? I'm a sucker for that kind of time control.)
Well, you got your wish, there's two active RP's around, though one of them is getting a bit packed, it seems. Forum Index -> Formal Introductions
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