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Tom's Programs - I need your help

Here is a poor and very basic first version of my first program (made with Game Maker):


A new link to FGF ( I don't think the older links still work...I deleted the files by mistake):



There is no genaral discussion forum...

another one...

help me!

I need graphics artists for a 2D real-time strategy game. I don't have any graphics yet, so I need everything: units, buildings, buttons and all that template stuff around the map...

If you want to help, you can contact me through MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, AIM, e-mail or a private message. Your help will be highly appreciated.

...I really need someone to make the graphics. At least the units and/or the buildings.
This is my first serious game, but I already made a few games and programs. The last one I made is
I'm not sure it's the latest version, in which all bugs were fixed, so don't be surprised if you see bugs. Forum Index -> The Stage
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