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Who doesn't love a little bit of trivia?  Ask or answer any questions you like.  They can be impossible or easy, on any topic.  Put as many questions as you can think of.  After a few people submit their answers, go ahead and list the correct ones.  Rules:
You must know the answer to any questions you ask.
No looking things up to answer questions!
Keep the question numbers continuous to avoid confusion (like if my last question is number 19, then the next question posted is number 20).
Discussions of questions and answers IS allowed.
Have fun!

Any WWII buffs out there?
1. What were the targets for the first two atomic bombs? (Koji, don't answer this)
2. What was the Manhattan Project?
3. Who led the Manhattan Project?
4. What were the five code names for the beaches on D-Day?
5. What was the name of the rendezvous point in the English Channel for the craft to take part in D-Day?
6. Who were the Axis Powers?
7. Who were the Allied Powers?
8. What was the German term for the "Lightning War" that they raged across Europe?
9. Name the military leaders of the Axis Powers.
10. The Russians used what crude bomb made from alcohol and pertol against the invading German tanks?

Star Wars, Anyone?
11. Who was the leader of Cloud City?
12. Name Chewbacca's father.
13. Who is the only three-legged character in all of the Star Wars movies?
14. What is Leia's home planet?  Edit: Okay, what was Leia's home planet then?
15. What planet are the Ewoks native to?

I should probably have done better, what with my dad working on whale island, a military base. But heres a go. xD;
1. Hiroshima and Nagasaki
2. Developing atomic power
4. Umm...I remember Sword(We did well there), Gold, Omaha. Edit: Oh, and Juno! Can't believe I forgot that one.
6. Germany, Japan. Italy and a bunch of minor european countries sorta count too, I suppose. And Russia.
7. England, Australia, America...uh, Poland, Greece and France...bunch of other places... And Russia.
8. Blitzkrieg
9. Hitler, T...Um. T something.
10. Molotov Cocktail? <.<

11. Oh, oh, that black guy who owned the Flacon...uh...Lando! Yeah, Lando Calrission. I think. I liked him. <3
13. R2-D2 has 3 leg things, doesn't he? Wait, he's the only 3 legged droid? o.O
14. Floating chunks of burning rock. ooooh, burn.
15. Endor
Majin Luigi

16. What was the first SEGA game to feature an Artificial-Life system?
17. Which game did Kirby first utilize the copy ability
18. In which game was Luigi first portrayed as different from Mario gameplay-wise?

16. I'd guess that the the Nightopians in NiGHTS into Dreams qualify as A-Life, and if you're not counting them, Sonic Adventure, I think.
17.  Kirby's Adventure, for NES.
18. I wanna say Doki Doki Panic-ImeanSuperMarioBros.2!

11. Lando Calrissian, formerly the owner of the Millenium Falcon; however, he lost it to Han in a bet.
14. Alderaan.
15. Common misconception. The ewoks are not native to a planet; rather, they are native to Endor's forest moon.

And, believe it or not, I'm not a Star Wars geek. Now, trivia... hmm...

Alright, how about a couple of s-CRY-ed questions?
19. What is the name of Kazuma's ultimate attack?
20. What are the two names of Ryuho's 'Vigorous Fist' attacks?
21. Who uses the Alter 'Radical Goodspeed'?

Some misc, including couple vaguely related to Haibane Renmei (Damn good anime. D: Watch it!).

22. What is the name of the AI in Portal?
23. What does the name Hikari mean?
24. How about Rakka?
25. Can dogs look straight up?
26. Name 3 video games made by Bungie.
27. How many breeds of dog, if any, are barkless? (Mostly guessing, unless you know)
28. Who first discovered electricity? (Bonus points if you pick the japanese guy)

Anomaly wrote:
15. Common misconception. The ewoks are not native to a planet; rather, they are native to Endor's forest moon.

Thanks for the correction.

23. It's Japanese for Light, thus, the pun of MegaMan.exe's netop, Lan Hikari, as Mega Man's origional creator was Thomas Light.
26. Marathon, HALO: Combat Evolved, Myth: The Fallen Lords

I'm gonna be kinda disappointed if there is no Oni or Haibane Renmei love around apart from me.
Majin Luigi

29. What the heck is Konoko talking about?

29. Nobody has answered any of his questions, which apparently have to do with Oni and Haibane Renmei.
I've only watched a couple of episodes of Haibane Renmei, didn't really interest me.

22. GlaDOS.
Now, since nobody seems to be about to answer my s-CRY-ed questions, maybe something a bit less esoteric... Trigun, perhaps?

30. What is the exact amount of Vash the Stampede's bounty, in double-dollars?
31. What are the three guns of the title?
32. (Anime question) What is the name of the episode in which Vash fights the Nebraska father-son duo?
33. Who is Vash's twin brother?

Anomaly wrote:
29. Nobody has answered any of her questions, which apparently have to do with Oni and Haibane Renmei.
I've only watched a couple of episodes of Haibane Renmei, didn't really interest me.

Offtopic: HR is kinda slow and relaxed, not full of action so much as just full of characters and mystery, so not suprised some wouldn't follow through. My own personal deep love for wings kinda helped me get to the end, which I found absolutely amazing.

30. uh, can't exactly remember...50 billion? I know its a lot.
31. Would saying 'They're the three guns Vash has, including the angel cannon' be enough?
Haven't watched s-CRY-ed and only caught the first disc or two of Trigun, though I have heard a lot more about the series and do want to watch the rest sometime. =S

Some pop culture from back a little.
34. Name a vehicle from Tron. (Bonus points if you manage to name more than one.)
35. In Wargames, what is the password used to get into WOPR?
36. Name Goofys son?
37. Who were Earthworm Jims 2 sidekicks?
40. In Reboot, what was the dogs name?
41. In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, what number was to be counted to during the use of The Holy Hand Grenade?
42. <- Why is this number significant?

41. Three. Not four, and not two, unless it is only for the sake of then progressing to three. Five is right out.
42. Because it's the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything.

36. Max, I think.
41. Three. (No more, no less.  Thou shalt count to two only if it is followed by three.  Four is too many.  Three is the counting and the counting shall be three.  Five is right out.) Forum Index -> Off-Topic
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