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umm... kirby... wha?

I couldnt help but notice (and, yes i noticed this like a LONG time before this actual post, but i just figured i'd ask about it.)
In the OOC comics kirby is like practicly ankle height to gamer, but in smash bros. when compared to more normaly proportioned
people (Ike, captain falcon, samas, snake, etc.) he is about waist height. is there a reason for this beyond the fact that the
sprites themselves were that small, or is there an important reason for kirby to be that big? O_o

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image

I'm no Kirby expert, but I'd guess that the ankle-height Kirby is probably the height that the character is really meant to be, and that his size boost for Smash Bros was a competitive balance thing.
Captain Gamer

For the most part, it was an issue of convenience. If sprite design and creation weren't so daunting for me, you can bet that I'd try to be as true to life as I can. Until then, I'll use established sprites and try hard as I can to convert them over so they don't cross styles like Capcom hardly cares to manage.

However, I do remember reading somewhere (not Wikipedia) that Kirby is about two feet tall. That means that even King Dedede is short compared to typical game character heights. It probably made more sense to scale them up in Smash Bros. if not just for the greater aesthetic appeal. Heck, Olimar should be bug-sized, or even smaller, and incapable of doing anything more than annoying the other combatants.

If I do decide that I'd rather go with the Smash Bros. height scaling, I'll do so, while making some gag about the Kirby characters being "upgraded" or something of the sort.

yaknow, it's funny you should mention Olimar because although I pursonally have never actually played the game,
I had always assumed he just sort of went to a giant planet... simmilarly to all other characters that meet up with
an earthly object that makes them seem overly small, or large. I don't mean to say that they would all be the
ordinary human size, but more smash bros proportioned. Also, it seems like it would be smartest for the scientists
to have realized the characters in their smash bros. size (or at least what they would be if they had been a smash
bros. combatent) making their interactions alot smoother, and at the same time not technicaly changing
their size to something they wouldnt be able to function as.. well.. except maybe bowser... hard time getting
through doors... anyway, i experimented with the sprite size, and i guess it does look a little to pixelated to look
good next to such a detailed background (example below) but the best situation would probably be be if you could
find a larger kirby sprite that looks alright with those surroundings.

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image
I suppose it all depends on your choice. If you were to get some larger ones though you wouldnt have to wory as much
about game scale, wich could in the end make the story or something a little overly complicated if say, you wanted to
have the villains realize Dedede all you would need to catch him is a small net or cage (unless he got hold of a super
mushroom, or some kind of other magical, or powerful item that would make him more of a threat.) yeah... I suppose
in the end this whole ramblly post has been way too long, but i just figured it was a good idea to get all of my opinions and
statements out there so that i could be told i was wrong. cause THATS HOW WE LEARN! >_< i dont know why i capsed
that, all this thinking/typing has gotten my brain hurting and it just sort of happened...... i need to lie down... Forum Index -> Captain Gamer
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