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Majin Luigi

Universal Domination!

Greetings, lowly GamerHang.
I am Majin Luigi, third most powerful being in the universe.
I am here to use this rather small place as a stepping stone on my way to complete domination of the internet.

I have also read the tales of the one called Captain Gamer, and find them quite impressive. I wish to eliminate the Captain soon in my quest, as I do not wish to deal with him later on.

Furthermore, my favorite video games include Viewtiful Joe, Spider-Man 2, Luigi's Mansion, and DragonBall Z: Budokai 3.

My favorite forms in literature include mythology and psychology books, which I find quite humorous.

What is your reaction to this?
Skybait J

Budokai Tenkaichi was better than Budokai 3! It had Bardock! XO

Weclome to teh GamerHang. Please don't kill Gamer, he hasnt finished writing Digital Defender yet! <.<

1st: Obligatory "Welcome to the GamerHang!"

2nd:Ah, Bardock's overrated.
Actually, DBZ is overrated.
Dragonball isn't, but...

Why should I obey you?
Hope you actually post here Majin Luigi!
Majin Luigi

If you wish, you may refer to me simply as Majin.
However, I am enraged that you insulted Bardock, and more importantly, Dragon Ball Z.
I shall not kill Gamer yet, but I shall at some point.
(If I could "evil laugh" through typing, it would be here.)

And Koji, You should obey me because otherwise I shall desroy you! Twisted Evil
Captain Gamer

Ah, I remember this screen name from the shoutboxes. Welcome, friend! The GamerHang is a small, humble, and agreeable community of non-confrontational people who keep conflict to a minimum.

So, it's not necessary to keep drawing attention to yourself and boasting. Since the forum's still a start-up, you make up a sizeable fraction of the posters, so you'll get attention, no cries out needed!
Majin Luigi

You misunderstand Captain, I actually talk like this.

But, thank you for welcoming me into your forum.

How can anyone talk like that?
I know I couldn't talk like that unless I meant to!
Majin Luigi

Ah, yes. But remember, practice makes perfect.
So does lying, but mostly practice.
Skybait J

I talk like that in real life when I'm around my mortal enemies. That, coupled with a large vocabulary, has actually made one of my mortal enemies say that the devil is speaking through my mouth. I then laughed maniacly at her.

I can talk like that! Just that I don't Razz. I leave my Koako is Supreme stuff for the Pixel Pagoda!

Automatic rebellion from me, because of the mispelling of obedience. Razz
On the other hand though, you seem kinda fun. Very Happy
Also, I enjoy Viewtiful Joe as well and always find it wierd how they never seemed to get as popular as they deserved. I also kinda enjoy the DBZ games, despite usually not going for fighting games much.
Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and Budokai 3 (and 1) are in my collection, partly thanks to getting them second hand from a friend. BT2 is my favourite though. The ability to turn into huge freaking monkey mid fight is always fun. DBZ may be kinda hyped and given a lot of 'popularity' with perhaps the wrong groups, but regardless, I do admit to having had a few strong likings for certain characters. Including Bardock.
Oh Brolly/Broly, your witty one-liners and callous disregard for life make me chuckle so. Woah, thats a heavy excess of muscles.

So...uh...yeah, welcome to the forum. :3
Though, please don't try to eliminate the Captain, he does good stories and it looks like he has a loooong way to go before he's finished. ;p

Welcome to the GamerHang, Majin. I am Anomaly, the second most powerful being in the universe, and I will be your nemesis for this evening. I look forward to endless epic battles to determine the fate of all living things, beginning with the Captain.

I'm friends with the most powerful...
I'll try to get him to join, but I'm making no promises.
Majin Luigi

I shall look forward to these battles.

Konoko wrote:
Automatic rebellion from me, because of the mispelling of obedience.  Razz .

"You are part of the rebel aliance and a trator!! TAKE HIM AWAY!!!!!"
(best vador quote ever, right next to "You'r lack of faith desturbs me" and "Dont make me destroy you...") Forum Index -> Formal Introductions
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