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Skybait J

Various Wikipedias

Seeing as how theres a wikipedia for everything, lets make a thread about it! Which wikis are interesting/you go to often?

Homestar Runner Wiki
...I just enjoy going there <.<
An EXTREMLY biased wikipedia.
Nethack Wiki
In all honesty, I dont know why I like reading these articles. Well, I suppose it helps me when actually playing Nethack, but I havnt done that since my computer died <.<
ADVERTISING! I love using this engine, its simple and it WORKS!

Two I frequently visit:

A Star Wars Wiki.

A wiki for the Elder Scrolls games. Excellent, you can find everything about them here. UESP stands for Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages.
Chocolate Ninja

Uncyclopedia: Lord Eliwood of Pherae ALWAYS has the latest in swordytech.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is out to offend everyone.

as far as I know, has a page on almost every Yu-Gi-Oh! card, details on characters, and other such things. It also used to have every episode of Yugioh Abridged (brilliant stuff, by the way), but since LittleKuriboh was taken off Youtube, I don't think they do anymore.
Zelda Wiki!!!!
Captain Gamer

Koji_Tsunami wrote:
Zelda Wiki!!!!

Well, there went my day.

Izzat bad, or good, Cap?
Captain Gamer

Let my show you my Pokeymanz. Bulbapedia appears! And this is Erika.

Okay... what's the point of showing us the Erika Article. That makes about as much sense as me putting up this Kirby Wiki, and then showing this page of Shadow Kirby Forum Index -> Off-Topic
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