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Captain Gamer

Video Game Discussion Rules

Welcome to the forum dedicated to the games that we have all come to know and love! Here we can talk about everything that's come to mind when playing video games. This forum is very open to debate, but of course, it is a civil debate fought with fact and tact, and not with flame. The rules are as follows...

1) No spam - An excellent treat on camping trips, but not so welcome in discussion. Posting randomly is likely just to take up space. People will like you more if you join in a discussion, or even if you started your own serious thread!

2) Play nice - We're all likeminded individuals who respect each other, so no one person will be nudged out of the way for no good reason. In addition, we can all watch ourself and resolve conflict without setting the forum ablaze. Right?

This also includes knowing the difference between disagreement and antagonism, or burning somebody because they made a comment which may have gone beyond your sense of humor. After you make a post with any bit of anger attached, stop, breathe, breathe again if need be, and look at what you wrote. If that really isn't how you think, or you really aren't that angry any more, you can save friendships by rewriting something more agreeable.

Finally, not only do I want people to play nice, I want people to BE nice. What I mean is that tossing out obscenities and insults everywhere will not promote a friendly environment that anybody can participate. If your style is littered with passive-aggressive insults and obscenity, I ask that you reconsider, since these types of things really are not necessary and you can make a point and make it strong WITHOUT resorting to these things... no matter HOW angry you get when typing.

3) One topic to a series - In example, "The Mario Thread." If there's enough demand for a specific topic, for example if discussion of Super Mario RPG dominates the thread, then a thread for Super Mario RPG would be made separate from Mario in general. This is only if there is demand.

Those are pretty much the bare-bones basics of what this forum is about. If you can think of anything else, post away and good ideas will be added in for future updates to the list.
Skybait J

Why didn't you think of this before? Razz

What about with stand-alone games that aren't part of a sieries (or ever will be...)Any special rules for those? Forum Index -> Video Game Discussion
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