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Naryu Elda

Video Game Review Thread

I'm still working on my new one, but I have two old Sonic R (Sega Saturn) and Mario is Missing (NES) reviews.


Sonic R

"Sonic!  He can Really Move!"

Good evening! Man.. it has been quite some time since I last ever reviewed a video game, but this is a good time as any to start again.  And what better game to review than this?

Gotta Keep your Feet Right on the Ground!
The controls are simple: turn right, turn left, move forward, move back, and jump. But that's all you really need for a racing game, now isn't it?

And, like most racing games I have seen, there is the main race and then there are races against time. In this case, the time-races are normal and reverse-track (which are not uncommon), 'tag' (I don't think I have seen this often in racing games... Basically, you run along the track in either direction, attempting to touch the other racers.), and balloons (in which five balloons are scattered across the track, and you have to get them as fast as you can.) I really liked the 'tag' races, but that's just me.

With this game, rings are used to gain access to alternate routes (and in some of them, the Chaos Emeralds) and using the speed-boost pads. The alternate route can be quicker than the normal ones or, in one case, a dead end.

It didn't take me long to blast through the normal races, I mean... this is a racing game. However, when it came to collecting the Seven Chaos Emeralds and gaining (and beating) all the secret characters... It took me at least a week. I didn't play all day every day, but it still took me a while to get everything.

Replayability? Well, it is pretty fun... I mean, its not like I'd play it all hours of the day, but I would play it every now and then, if only to hear the music.

Just you and me and everybody!
The racers... At the start, you can play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckle or Amy. You can later unlock Robotnik and his bots and (should you collect all seven chaos emeralds, which are placed across the first four racetracks) Super Sonic. They each have their pros and cons.

*Sonic: I used him almost in every single race. He is fast... a little too fast, if you catch my drift. Its not unusual for you to find yourself running straight into a wall!
*Tails: I only used him in the time-races. He can fly (not that surprising, but it is useful at times)! He's pretty much your beginner's racer.
*Knuckles: He is a bit better then both Sonic and Tails and he glides, but I didn't really use him all that much. Sadly, he can not scale walls... I was disappointed when I discovered this. Part of the reason why I used Sonic more so.
*Amy: I laughed when I saw that thing she drove around in. Well, she tried. A good thing about her is that her car does not sink when it goes over water. How, you may ask? It turns into a hover-vehicle! Her 'jump' is more like a 'jump start'. She has turbo on that thing! But she still stinks. Kind of makes you wonder how she got past the qualifying races...
*Robotnik: Playing as this bad boy has a price: he's in a hover-pod. While he has missiles (the cheater...), he is just bad. I only tried him out once, and I did poorly.
*Metal Sonic: He's pretty good. I mean, he beat me 10 out of 11 times! Although he doesn't sink as fast as the real McCoy, he does slow down a good deal. Robotnik actually had a good idea by setting up so that his bots would not short-circuit when submerged... Otherwise, it would had been one short race!
*Tails Doll: You all have heard of him, you all think he's creepy! It's the Tails Doll, whom I think is just awesome! He hovers, and instead of jumping, he rises in the air! Well... I thought he was cool...
*EggRobo: Remember him from Sonic and Knuckles? Truth be told, I never touched the guy. Just too... weird for me. This means that I can't really comment on him, but I have been told that he is pretty slow.
*Robo Knuckles: Sadly, I don't remember much about how RK handled... But I do remember that he was good.
*Super Sonic: If need to speed, then you need Super Sonic. He is really fast, and has his own theme song when you play him in the Radiant Emerald map.

A fun thing to note is that if you select one of the secret characters (Robotnik not included), your opponents will be the other secret characters you have unlocked.

So take me back in time... To another world...
Plot? What plot? The only plot there is to this is that you are racing against your friends and foes (or just foes, if you're Super Sonic) for three laps in five different areas. They range from a beach, a modern city (with a pinball area), ancient ruins, an industrial park, and a... very weird rainbow emerald road.

This is, however, only if you disregard the manual.

The manual's plot is that Robotnik has set up a phony race (this is probably where they got the premise of Sonic Riders). He started this because he wanted to get the Chaos Emeralds and beat Sonic in the same go. The lazy bum... Somehow, Amy overheard his external monologue and joined the race in her car. Now I wanna know HOW she overheard him! He was in his secret base, looking at his missile-launching hover-car and his bots. Gah...

I notice, I notice, many many things that look alike!
Okay, the graphics... They were decent for such an old game but (as we have seen with NiGHTS into Dreams...), age is never a decent way to judge any facet of a game. The places call to mind the various areas we have encountered before.

Resort Island is like South Island in Sonic the Fighters. Radical City is like the various Casino-themed areas. Regal Ruins reminds me of . Reactive Factory... well, Chemical Plant Zone, for one. And every time I look at Radiant Emerald, I think of those wacky Special Stages.

Clamor, sirens wailing
Well, I loved the music! So did my brother, who seemed to really like the Reactive Factory's theme, 'Work it Out'. The sounds were normal Sonic sounds, ie: when you jumped, you heard the 'booooing!' sound. But the background music... oh!

I didn't care much for the ending theme... It just didn't seem right, to me. However, I liked Super Sonic Racing (Super Sonic's theme) and Back in Time (Regal Ruins). They really catchy.

Inside Outside Go! Sonic!! Issaigassai Yes! SONIC!!
Play this game, at least for one track. It is fun to play and a very good racing game. Unlike its descendant, Sonic Riders...

Considering its age, I think that you'd be better off getting it as part of Sonic Gems. I mean, that way, you'd get many more games to your buck. Such as Sonic the Fighters, which is another really good game (in this case, fighting.)

However, I wouldn't go out of my way searching for this. Aside from the fact that its in a collection, I doubt that you'd be able to find the actual Sega Saturn game in many stores.

I give it an 8 out of 10. It's really good, but I wouldn't say that it was the best racing game out there. Also, Amy and Robotnik just plain stink! Lazy bums. Everyone else is on foot any you two are using vehicles to race! Cheaters, the both of you! Don't try to hide it, Rose!  You're a rascal!


Mario is Missing

"Poor, poor Luigi."

You got to feel sorry for the guy... This, if I remember correctly, was the first game Luigi actually stared in. And by that, I mean he was the... Well, technically Mario starred in this one as well. He's gone missing and you have to find him. The game revolves around him, as usual.

DO THE MARIO! Oh... Wait... He's missing.
Oh no! Mario has been kidnapped (or, rather, plumber napped or fat-short-Italian-napped)! Luigi and Yoshi chase after the green shelled fiend only to come face to face with a tall foreboding castle. You dash in through the front gates to save your dear, beloved brother and enter a hall lined with doors. Where do they go? You enter one and see two pipes awaiting you. You hop in through one of them, not knowing what to expect.

You find yourself in a city. "Where am I?" you ask a passerby. As it turns out, you're on Earth, in one of the main cities in that region.

What? The Koopas have invaded the cities and stolen famous landmarks? The fiends! You must return the items to their proper place! You kill troopas by squashing them under your feet (or Yoshi's, if you're riding him). This game was most likely intended for little kids in elementary school, but still... BUT WHAT'S THIS?! The information monkeys deny the return of the items without answering a question based on the history of that item, or things related to it. I hope you've been paying attention to the people in the streets, because they will tell you everything you need to know (and more).

Can't Stop, Can't Stop the Beat!
Now, this is my personal taste, but I despised the music. I mean, yes it is from a NES, but Tetris had better music. Graphics wise, it's just another Mario game, albeit with different backgrounds. The cities look as interesting as that block of ice topped with hair I saw outside a college one summer. Thankfully, it doesn't take to long to beat.

Smash your TV and have adventure!
Unless if you want to be bored to death, or are already bored and want something to do, play something else, read a book, do stuff on the net, or watch TV. IT IS NOT WORTH IT! And if you have it, give it to your six year old cousin. I think he'll enjoy it, for about two minutes.

Final score is 2/10
Majin Luigi

Out of curiosity, can anyone review, or is this just for Nayru Elda?

I would assume anyone.
Naryu Elda

It was everyone, yeah.  ._.; Forum Index -> Video Game Discussion
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