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Video Game Rube Goldberg Machince

Ok this is a summer project I'm working on.

Here's some examples of these devices.

Gotta love them Mythbusters

Now with mine I want to have it all video game themed, you may have seen a 3D animation of this type of thing, I want to do something like that but with more.

Now in mine I want to use some of the most popular franchises and games that made a difference to the video game industry.

I might do this on or finish my previously started one. So i might not do this but If I do then I'd be a nice help.

Games or themes going to be included include... These may include slight cameos...

-Space Invaders
-Pac Man
-Donkey Kong
-Mario Bros
-The Legend of Zelda
-Street Fighter
-Metal Gear Solid
-Worms (Because it's one of my favorite series)
-Final Fantasy

Any others you think i should include?
Captain Gamer

Now, are you asking for ideas of what will actually happen in the machine, or are you just accepting games to refer to? Because just looking at this list, I can thing of tens of things that can be done with a generic ball object.

But for now, I'll just pitch more games to consider:
Soul Calibur
Bionic Commando
Balloon Fight
Harvest Moon
Advance Wars
Mario Kart
King of Fighters

Just to name a few. Wink Forum Index -> The Stage
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