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Big news! My pet project, which has been gnawing at my psyche for years, is finally in production! What's more, the first chapter is already complete, and on blogspot for your viewing pleasure. Sorry if it's a bit short. If you read it, please, comments and criticism will be most welcome. Though, try to keep in mind this is my first serious attempt at both writing a novel and using blogspot, so newb mistakes are inevitable.
As well, I'll be uploading new chapters as close to weekly as I can. If I get a readership that would like me to, I'll even post updates in this thread here, as they come.

Chapter 2: Searing Sun is already in production, and is guaranteed to be a fair bit longer than this one.

edit: From here on out, I'll be using this first post to list what's already been written and uploaded when it comes to the Archives.

Chapter 1: Beginning To Wander
Chapter 2: Searing Sun
Chapter 3: City of Mages


Ok, I can see Wanderer hasn't been popular. What would get read? I have a few ideas. Should I list them or something, so I know what to write?

While I can't speak for others, I did sorta miss a few topics here out when checking the forum, so never really gave it a look before. It does seem pretty good, reading it through, although there are a few bits that were perhaps a little odd. There wasn't much actual characterization of the main character happening and what thoughts we did get did not really show much. His sudden piping up and saying he was a Mage, for instance. Even you seemed to know it was a bit inexplicable, from the comment made about it, but that still doesn't really do anything to explain it. Equally, the first bit with Gar during the fight, could perhaps have been done in a clearer way. I'm not sure if any of those things are reasons why its not been popular, since thats mostly personal peeves, or if its just that theres not much attention grabbing and not many having seen it...
If its something you're writing, it would figure that its some sort of story that you have in mind and can get out, so just continuing with it at your own pace, if only as a learning experience, could be worth a try. It does seem to have promise.

Thank you. I'm glad to get an opinion on it.

On Gyuko piping up about being a Mage - well, for one thing, he was a little bit excited about actually being a full-fledged Mage. I did mention later on that he'd just become a journeyman, right?

On the first bit with Gar being confusing - well, it was meant to be confusing, because the narrator was confused about what was going on as well; I try to have that element within my writing, where what the narrating character thinks and knows influences what's actually in the narrative.

Anyway. Thank you for the feedback, Konoko - it's most of the reason I've posted this thread. Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time for me to start posting on a bunch of topics, so you don't have to see your username as the one with the latest post on all of them...

Laughing Hehe, much appreciated.
And hmm, well, can't argue much with your rationalization, though if its told from the narrators view, with all that implies, hearing Gyukos thoughts seems kinda out of place. And probably could have done more instances of the narrators own opinions and such infringing on the story and doing so more noticeably. Like him skipping past something a little and commenting its boring/not as interesting as whats happening elsewhere or making his own exclamations at appropriate times.

Oh, sorry, I mustn't have been clear. By "narrator" I meant "narrating character" - and through the first couple of chapters, that's Gyuko, which is why you get things from his point of view, and occasionally, his thoughts. Anyway, sorry the next chapter's been so late... had a severe case of writer's block with this one.

>.> Ohhhh, right. My fault, kinda made an assumption there from from use of narrator that case, replace all those suggestions I had with the suggestion of more Gyukos thoughts. xP Cos hey, character development, potentially fun thoughts (I'm confident most people make humourous observations or wry comments to themselves at least sometimes)...who can't enjoy that. :3

Duly noted. Though, I can see from the way my style's developed so far, I'm more likely to just drop the characters' thoughts and opinions in the narrative, though perhaps a few more introverted character will get the italics.

In news that people who have reviewed the first post would be aware of: Chapter 3: City of Mages has been uploaded! So, you see, I'm not completely abandoning it!
Next up is chapter 4: The Assassin. Until I figure out how to write good chapter teasers, the title will be all you get, I'm afraid.

Ok, yeah, I may as well say it aloud. This project as it stood originally... is pretty dead.

However! It must be noted that my creative-writing side has not completely perished! I am currently working on a newer, differenter story! A story named... The Caretaker Reborn. Melodramatic title equals goodfun!

However! Although I've already finished the prologue, and a good bit of the first chapter, I'm not really sure where to put it. Should I put it up on that old BlogSpot account? Or should I, how you say, rip off the Captain, make a FreeWebs (or similar) site, put all the stuff there, and have a full section devoted as the headquarters of any future stories and chapters of existing stories?

As it stands, I think that there FreeWebs idea is kinda nifty. Main issue being, I don't know the first thing about FreeWebs or how to make a website of any description, not even a free one.

Oh, and also, I am working on a new draft of Wanderer. It is considerably different and much more awesome.

well, as for freewebs; it's not nearly as complicated as it seems. it requires no coding, or knowledge on the subject at all, and if you have the chance to, you should at least try it out. otherwise I sugjest you join Deviantart, and post there. it has all the art/litterature posting with none of the annoying distractions of style and constantupdates looming over your head!

Funny you should mention that about FreeWebs at this point, considering that I was just about to get around to a proper status update!

Everybody: come have a look at the new Jester's Archive! Currently on it are the only short story I have ever completed (except for one I wrote for my friend's birthday), and the first chapter of The Caretaker Reborn, which is my current project. Wanderer has kind of... fallen aside for now. >_> Forum Index -> The Stage
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