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Chocolate Ninja

Weird Dreams Thread

I figure we could use one of these too. Very Happy

I had a very weird dream last night. I was in some sort of RPG, and we were imprisoned, but it turned out one of my party members had the ability to fly, though it would consume MP per second to do so. Luckily this guy's MP would regenerate, though slowly. So it was more like hopping across forests and rooftops and such. We reached the North Pole in seemingly no time at all, even though we were supposed to go to the South Pole first, to save the young son of a BnG Forum member, Maneko. Instead we found this creepy little blonde girl who told us that we were going the wrong way and joined our party, picking up little frocks that had fallen in the snow. I think the premise was that we were supposed to hop around the world recruiting party members and completing quests. Somehow, even though it was never overtly stated in the game, I knew that Maneko would punish me if I wasn't a good shot or something, but reward me tremendously if his son turned out to be an enormous lecher. I also knew that the little girl was actually a vampire.

This is probably not the weirdest dream I've had. I once had a dream that I'd caused the world to die because I couldn't solve simple anagrams. I think I make up for my lack of visualization capacity with my dreams.
Skybait J

I keep having dreams about vampires in control of nukes, actually....which sounds downright awful when said aloud, huh? XD

Most times in these dreams I'm black-clad vampire hunter and sometimes I have a generic sidekick. I'm amazing at sneaking around vampires (one time I snuck right in front of one, and he didnt notice) and often I weild a silver crossbow. Everytime the vampires set off the nukes (which is ALOT, one time they set off, like, ten in a row) I somehow survive, often by hiding either underwater or in tiny shacks.

Um... Silver is bad for vampires...

Three words: Exploding green hats.

I either don't tend to dream, or don't tend to remember dreaming. Although, the dreams I do remember all share one weird characteristic: massive freaking jumps.

Whenever I dream, something or other means I have to jump. Maybe I'm just jumping because I'm an anime-esque cheerful mood, maybe I'm jumping to avoid something, whatever. But every time I jump, I practically touch the clouds.
Then, I start falling. But that doesn't worry me, not at all. I just look to the Earth so far below with a bored look on my face, and think, "It's ok. Falling won't hurt, because this is just a dream. If it wasn't, I wouldn't be able to jump this high, now would I?"
Then, just before touching the ground, I wake up.
Skybait J

Okay, okay, so I finally got Phoenix Wright (and I say finally because seriously, been looking forever.) Now I got to play it a lot because I had a very blank afternoon only broken by a little school shopping. This sort of non-stop, intensive play made my half-awake dreams all about the cases. This isn't unusual though. What is unusual is one segment of these dreams.

Early in the morning (say 2 AM), Edgeworth asked me "What did you have for lunch on the day of the murder?" I (as Pheonix) responded "Why does it matter?! This is only a dream!" Mia cut in though and said "It may only be a dream, but you aren't going to dream anything else for a while. So shut up and answer the question."


Funny thing is, shortly after this, I fell more deeply asleep and dreamed about other stuff. =/

School starts tomorrow, (which will impend my ability to post Sad )
I woke up for first day of school, and my teachers gave me like three essays to write, due the next day, and I sat down to wrte them all, reading books about scientific theory, and American history, and the history of Bagels, and when I finally finished them at three AM, I woke up.
"Yay! No school until tomorrow!"
Well now I'm saying "Crap! there's school tomorrow!"

I had this really surreal dream last night. Me and Firemastrr were on the island of (Nintendo) Miis, or somthing like that, and we were looking for the god of Miis, who got lost, or somthing like that. Then when we found him, we came back from the island, and the next time we visited, He's gotten lost again. So we went to find him again. And then I woke up, so I don't know if we found him again or not.
Rats. Sorry Miis.
Skybait J

Holy crapcicles. I just had the Greatest. Dream. Ever.

I was me...but I was also Harry Potter. And I had to fight Voldermort to the death. The most amazing part of this dream is that I actually dreamed about preperations for fighting Voldermort, and then actually got to fight him. Ususually if I dream about preperations, I wake up before the fight. But I actually got a GOOD CHUNK of fighting in there.

So like, me and Voldy were all like, "Dood, it's 11:15. Let us fight...TO THE DEATH!" and then we just start tossing spells at eachother. After a while though, I notice some of the spells I've used before don't work. Then Voldy said "Yeah, my wand memoriezes spells so they cant be used again" I casted Sectumsempra alot, so that stopped working for me. So I cast expelliarmus and scourgify a few times (soap comes outta his mouth) and he goes "what the crap?" THEN he turns off the lights and I'm all "oh crap, he's gonna keel me!" But then I catch a glimpse of him behind me. Then I shove a pizza in his face. It was AWESOME.

Never got to see the end though. I left his face shoved in the pizza to find some more spells. He chased me a bit and I woke up =/

I was this this vampire hunting girl, despite being a guy in real life. I was off fighting a vampire using a strange silveryish cross which never stopped glowing. Then I fought two of them, one of whom was Spring Heeled Jack. And then, I was a vampire, but I was still trying to kill those other two, so I turned into a werewolf instead and bit their arms off. And then I made the ultimate sacrifice to kill them with the silveryish cross.

The next night, I dreamed of Mario fighting Bowser. Quite a bit of difference there, huh?

Okay, me and my girlfriend (whoever the hell she was) were stuck on Endor. We were running for our lives from stormtroopers. My friend was also with us. After running around like chickens with our heads cut off, we run into an Imperial bunker and get trapped. We kiss, then die. Confused

It's 70 degrees out and the dead of winter. There is a foot of snow on the ground. My family is standing outside our house in shorts, T-shirts, and boots at midnight watching two idiots trying to cut our house in half with some thing that shot sawblades. As they stood in our driveway, firing away, half the city came to watch and ooh and aah. I was scared stiff.

I'm George Washington, and I'm pissed off because the British stole my hat, so I challenged them to a game of Super Smash Bros., and if I win, I get my hat back, if they win, we lose the American Revolutionary War.

This was a bizzare dream.

Koji_Tsunami wrote:
I'm George Washington, and I'm pissed off because the British stole my hat, so I challenged them to a game of Super Smash Bros., and if I win, I get my hat back, if they win, we lose the American Revolutionary War.

This was a bizzare dream.

Were you dropped on your head when you were a baby?

Like, off a cliff?

Shut up.
I know its weird, but this is a weird dreams thread.

Half these dreams make no sense really. I'd post a dream, but all my dreams are beyond weird. No matter what it is. So, I can't really post any dreams.

firemastrr wrote:
Okay, me and my girlfriend (whoever the hell she was) were stuck on Endor. We were running for our lives from stormtroopers. My friend was also with us. After running around like chickens with our heads cut off, we run into an Imperial bunker and get trapped. We kiss, then die.

Pretty much what happened in ROTJ. Only they didn't die. You were Han, she was Leia. The friend was Chewie. Get the picture? Razz

Now for the George Washington, with the British. That's actually based on historical fact. Really. Minus losing his hat. George Washington was the one that lead the crossing of Delaware during the Revelutionary War. To -KILL- the British. We went against the british for our Independence. We wanted to be our own thing. And not worry about what the british tell us too. Razz

I know what happened in the Revolutionary War, and his dream is nothing like it.

I can kinda see the resemblance in my dream to the movie, but my friend was human, the bunker was different, and we were the only ones there.

No, this is pretty much what happened in the AmericanRevolution. minus the hat and SSB.
But the point still stands that he is correect, it is similar. And I have to say "American" because the forums change the second word there to "Wii". Laughing


I'm hiding from a ghost by diving underwater beneath a dock where I can't breath, and therefore am very tired from swimming that far down. While down there, I play Mega Man on my NES, which is conviently pocket sized and water proof, and one of the Master Weapons you can get throws cars at people. After I come out of the water, I'm at the playground at the local park, only th whole thing is an island surrounded by water, and I'm looking out there and this strange Pirate guy tells me that' there's a skull in the water. So I look in the water, and instead, I see a balloon. The ballon turns into a fat guy who tells me to get off his island. I tell him that I'm at the park, not on an island. And he jumps on the Pirate, squisheing him and killing him instantly. It was right about then that I decided to get off his island. So I was rudely awakened by my mother.

The End.
Skybait J

I just had one of the freakiest continuous dreams ever. It was like, that Imaginary Freind movie meets ResiEvil.

Basically, this imaginary friend of mine (who looks like rabbit...) comes to life and tries to hang out with me, but I avoid her, then she find out and goes psycho, controlling a car and making me run over my brother and all kinda of things. Apparently she's coming from residual energy from an old blankie, so I get the blankie at my grandma's house, then then all the towns folk are ru nning around and saying "It's happening again!" And then the imaginary friend is crying about starting...something, but then I see Umbrealla Inc guys setting zombies loose opon the city. Apparently my imaginary friend did this once before when I was four, and now the whole city is overrun with zombies.

I wake up and fall asleep several times after that....and each time its about fighting zombies which are contained in a fog-covered valley...

Ug...I hate zombies....

I'm eating, but I can't taste my food.
So I wonder if it's too dark to taste the french fries
(however that would work), and go turn on the lights.
the light level stays the same, and
I think that maybe, there's been a power outage.
So I go downstairs,
but it turns out that the demons are down there,
so I run for my life through the hotel
I've been conveiniently placed in,
being chased by demons all the way,
until I reach an elavator.
When I get out of the elavator, I fall 300 feet.
(you've all had the falling dream, I'm sure)
With that 300 foot fall, I awake.
I wonder if I would've escaped...

I was some kind of superhero in training, and we were in a plot to kill the evil guys, who were really the leaders of the superhero's. I think it was because they were going to buy England.
Then I turned into a soccer player for a bit, and walked through poles, then somehow ended up by a river, with one of my friends. We had these weird tubes of stuff that came out as a gel, but grew and changed into a solid. Then I became another person, at that scene, who had the power to push, really, really hard with telekinesis! And I could make lightning come.
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