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What about Mods?

Okay, this is a question mainly meant for Captain Gamer, but really anyone can put their two cents in, because this is a fourm, and, well, that's what we do. Anyway:

Are there any mods here other than Captain Gamer (who is technically an admin, not a mod, but it amounts to the wame thing)? If so, who? If not, when will there be, who would they be, how would they be chosen? I understand that at this small size the site really doesn't need more than one at the moment, but it will always grow. I may be interested in applying, depending on what resposibilities it entails, but also I am simply curious.

Okay, post away.

I beleive that Cap is he only mod-type-person here, And at the moment, I'm doubt that the forum needs them, considering that we've got all of 16 members, two of whom never post.
Captain Gamer

There are indeed no moderators in the GamerHang forums yet. And yes, it's because of how small the place still is. If we manage to pull in a good size, I'll grab off a few exemplary people I've observed, offer them the position, brief them, then let them loose.

However, there is actually a second user of the administrator status, and that is the GamerHang's very own Czar Gamer. He's generally very elusive, despite the fact he's online a lot. It's not that he doesn't want to come... it just never occurs to him to do so.

So, short answer: Presently, it's all me.

Okay, thanks guys. Forum Index -> Off-Topic
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