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Majin Luigi

What does Mario mean to you?

As I was pondering the meaning of life (or playing Super Smash Bros. '64, take your pick), I asked my fellow philosophers what Mario meant to them, and recieved  large amounts of answers, varying from "A fat guy with a girlfriend and a brother" to "An inspiring image of video game justice."

I was just wondering what you guys think of the #1 Plumber and his bro, Everyone's Favorite Man in Green.

Mario is a plumber from Brooklyn
who got teleported to an alternate dimension
inhabited by talking Mushrooms
who were under attack by demonic monsters of death
which kidnapped a Princess.
Mario went off
and turned hero
in order to save said girl,
and never went back to New York.
In short, a regular guy that has had heroism thrust upon him.
The same can be said for Luigi.
And that's my view of Mario, but I've heard some people rave that Baby Mario is proof that #1 Plumber was born in Mushroom Kingdom. I just don't consider Baby Mario games canon. Maybe they're AU or something.

But I have no idea what the hell Wario is.
Captain Gamer

Mario is the on-screen extension of the heroism and dogged determination of everybody who plays a Mario game. Alone, Mario can do naught but stand and let that first goomba run into him. With a player at hand, he can rush through stages, jump over obstacles, incapacitate those who directly seek to tear him down, and finally, reach his goals.

Even then, the duo of the player and Mario requires assistance, and each of those partners will still require the player in order to act, advance, and succeed. As much as anybody claims to self-sufficiency, there will always be some element foreign to the individual that is required for continued vigilence.

You are Mario. Yes, all of you.
Skybait J

To me, Mario represents that classic age of gaming I've never been able to experience first hand. He represents a time when games didnt all have to be pristine, top of the line, with amazing 3D graphics and writing. He represents that time when you played games strictly for the game. You didnt need story or reason to play the original Marios, you just jumped around from level to level solely to win. You didnt need more of a reason. Mario was the epitome of games. Maybe its because I didnt live in that era, but to me, Mario represents all games of the past.

Now Luigi...well, he's just an extension of Mario. Or at best, a compliment to him.

I just thought, since we were talking about the meaing of Mario, this Naruto fanfic could be considered appropriate.

I don't agree with everything said, but I do think it's pretty funny. Forum Index -> Video Game Discussion
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