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Chocolate Ninja

What webcomics do you guys like, if any?

I christen this forum with its first non-rules topic. Whoo!

But yeah, what webcomics do you guys read, besides the obvious Captain Gamer? Razz Be sure to post links.

xkcd "A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language." Even if you're mathematically disinclined, there's still something for almost everyone weird in here. My personal favorite.

Dr. McNinja The artist of this webcomic and the one above seem to share a mutual fear of raptors. If the title intrigues you, chances are you will like this comic.

Elf Only Inn This webcomic updates almost never, but that doesn't make it any less great. Be sure to read from the beginning if you don't want to get confused. The first part deals with hijinks in an RP chat channel which almost never seriously RPs, much to the owner's chagrin, moving on to MMORPG territory later on. It's better than I make it sound.

Two comics here: Order of the Stick and Erfworld If Penny Arcade is the foremost self-referential comic for video gamers and Megatokyo is the foremost self-referential comic for otakus, then Order of the Stick definitely fills that niche for pen-and-paper roleplay. Erfworld is worth a look too.

I mostly stick to spritecomics,
so while it was still up, the immortal
Bob and George: The Comic strip.
I also read inSONICnia
That's basically it, for the currently running spritecomics.( I consider BnG current, even if it did just end.)
Skybait J

Dominic Deegan is really a great webcomic, though it does have rather long exposition after all the action. But he writes it well enough with plenty of jokes, you could really care less.

No Need For Bushido isnt the greatest comic ever or anything, but its a fun little read. It really picks up as it goes along too.

Crowfeathers is a MUST READ! READ NOW! It's a western for one, with excellent art and pretty good storytelling. It only updates once a month though, with a full chapter, but she's on hiatus because she got a comic deal with DC.

I also frequent Drunk Duck for multitudes of comics. Around 10 or 15 actually =/
Captain Gamer

Webcomics, hmm?

Penny Arcade. Nobody worth their controller hasn't heard about this strip. The first, last, and only "Two gamers talking about games" comic strip that paved the way for many others, but never, ever was contested as far as competence and sheer brilliance goes.

8-bit Theater cannot go unmentioned. Final Fantasy hilarity that actually alienates non-fans very little due to the jokes, characters, and so forth. It's more of its own thing rather than the typical "Hey guys, I'm doing a Final Fantasy comic!"

VG Cats is another of my early webcomics. One thing it doesn't fail in is causing hilarity. A rather shameless gaming comic, if I must say so, which works either for or against it. Most of the time, it's the former.

Power Rings is the quintessential Sonic fandom comic. As of such, it mostly parrots the popular views of the Sonic fandom, albeit in amusing and original ways. I constantly go back and forth in hating or loving this strip.

Planet Zebeth... why oh why do I still read this one?

Las Lindas came out of nowhere from me. It's original, genuine, and very, VERY well drawn. My only beef (pun not intended... you'll understand) is the blinding philogyny, and the sense that all males, chiefly the unattractive ones, are all immoral perverts.

Totally Flaked! does not have its own website, but is still minorly well known. It's good for Advance Wars fans... and probably not as much for all else.

Neko's House does every stereotype when it comes to anime, games, and catgirls RIGHT. It took catgirls and cleavage for me to break out of my shell and post my wares and get to where I am today, so this comic deserves a look.

Press Start to Play is cut from the same cloth as Penny Arcade, just with different characters. Still worth a look.

Sold Out is an experiment in seeing how many anime/game cliches can be stuffed into a single semi-serious comic before the reader's head explodes in the shape of a rising sun.

I had more, but they've all been said.
Chocolate Ninja

Hey, cool! I haven't heard of some of these comics, and I've been around the internet a few times. 8BT and VGCats are great. Another one I forgot to mention is Kid Radd, though that one's long been over by now. Even the infamous John Sullivan thinks Kid Radd's good. Razz

Who the heck is John Sullivan? And I like the Second incarnation of Mega-Rhys(hosted by Drunk Duck)
I can't find the first incarnation anywhere. I know it exists, but geez.
Chocolate Ninja

Sorry, John SOLOMON.

Warning: Maddox-wannabe language and review style ahead.

Isn't Press Start to Play dead? o.o

El Goonish Shive - Transformations and shifters and magic and squirrel girls and some pretty generally awesome characters and such.
Megatokyo - Pretty big, to the point of hitting topseller lists with its book releases. I've coloured strips of this, very fun. x3
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Single panel fun, bit of a twist to the humour. "What are your demands?" "I DESIRE NOTHING! HAHAHAHA!" I hate it when the dalai lama takes hostages.
Commissioned The Comic. - By O, this has quite a range, from random, to storylines threading through it on tabletop rpgs, fantasy, Shadowrun, the Jolly Red Roof Lurfer...
Gamers Pair of Dice for Goblins, Extra Life, Duelling Analogues and Action Trip.
Girl Genius is also pretty cool, with the whole steampunk thing going on.

Also, and
Former, zen, chaotic foxes and enigmatic dragons, the latter, religon, pimps and calligraphy.
I almost forgot this one. Even though its been done for a while, it isn't too bad. This comic also spawned a flash series of the same name. The comic is pretty okay. And you need to read it to get the movies anyway.

Might not be funny to you but I like em.

ExtraLife A traditional gaming webcomic. Started with more gaming / potty humor but now is more of gaming.

F@NBOY$ Online What do you get when you put a Nintendo Fanboy, X-Box Fangirl and a Sony Fanboy all in the same house!? Wacky hyjinx!

Captain Gamer OCC.... Duh!

8-Bit wrote:

Captain Gamer OCC.... Duh!

Wondered how long it'd be before someone did it. x3

Influenced by Koji, I'm a slight Bob and George reader too. I'm not into webcomics a whole lot. Not sure why, I just don't like them a lot. I mean, they're funny and all, but I have other things to do with my ultra-slow internet connection.
This is a pretty good comic.
Hitchhikers guide to the Megaman Universe. Not too bad.
Chocolate Ninja

Bigger Than Cheeses is a great webcomic. Here is proof.
Naryu Elda

Goons and a Bandit

Its a funny and very well drawn Mario fancomic, focusing on a group of thieves (a Goomba, a Magikoopa, a Boo, and a Bandit) who work for Bowser.

... I can't do it justice with my description. xD

Anyway, you'll probably want to click on the link The First Page of the Comic

... Hey, its online and a comic, thus its a webcomic! Even if its on DA and not its own site.

*takes a deep breath*
8-bit Theater. The first webcomic I ever read, and still one of my favourites.
Penny Arcade. A friend of mine linked me once, and apart from a few days of attempting to resist its clarion call, I've been reading it ever since.
Comedity. Some of the best art I've seen in a webcomic, as well as some nice, deranged humour.
The Adventures of Dr McNinja. He is a ninja, who is also a doctor. What's not to like?
Ozy and Millie. Reminiscent of Calvin and Hobbes, but with more anthropomorphic animals.
Sluggy Freelance.I read the entire 10-year archive in all of a few days, and I've been keeping up with it since.

Anyway - I do have several more, but that's enough for now.

Wooo! Go Anomaly!

Sluggy Freeland- one of the best comics out there. It's epic, Romantic, Exciting, Action-y and awesome!
8-bit Theater- Another interesting, very funny comic.
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