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Your Gamerspace / Collections

I thought this up the other day and thought this would a be neat thing for the community.

So what does your gaming area / areas look like? Is it a giant clump of cords and games? Or neatly organized with lots of gaming stuff (like posters or toys) around it?

Do you have a Bin O' Games like the Captain has in CGOCC #24? Are they scattered everywhere? Want to show your collection? Then show it!

Here's some pics of my gamerspaces and game shelves.

If you use pics please put in link format.

Gamecube Space

Wii Space

Wii Game Collection

Handheld Games


If my brother actually goes to college then I'll be putting up more systems in his room! >Very Happy I crave for NES and Playstation, also my grandma has my Snes.

So what do your gamerspaces or collections look like?

Edit by Captain Gamer: Moved to "Video Game Discussion." Great topic, but this is more related to how you enjoy your video games more than showing off something creative and unique.
Skybait J

Well, I only have three big stations and two portable ones. Two big stations (Wii and PS2) are clumped together in a mass of cords compleatly against my will. I need to find a gaming space where my brotheres won't get at them ;-;

The Gamecube is usually whereever my siblings drag it to fight over it. But right now it's sitting forlonly on a shelf with its cords tossed aimlessly over it, collecting dust in silence.

My Gameboy and recently aquired DS have an entire drawer to themselves right above my underwear drawer XD. They also get thier own carrying case, which my sister yells at me for. "That's a MAKEUP BAG!"

I have a GCN and more recently, a Nintendo [Wii], which means I no longer need my GCN. I keep it packed up in a box. My [Wii] sits below the TV right next to my box of games. Unfortunatly the Wii only has two games for it, so I mostly play My Gamecube and Virtual Console games.
Skybait J


*Flicks pebbles at Koji*

What denial? You mean the denial that Nintendo decided to call the Revolution the "Wii"!? Yeah, I s'pose it can't be that good.

But What do you mean by *flicks pebbles at Koji*
Skybait J

oh, I dunno, a way of retalliation thats more annoying than damaging? Razz

I see... Why don't you just use a really stupid battle cry and then make up a dumb sounding attack? That's annoying...

example: Can You Feel the Heat!? Wild Berry Beast Pop-Tart Flavor Blast Attack of Death-GO!

>.> Denial IS bad, if only because everyone else got it out of their system and got over the name already. The names cool now guys, totally. Smile

I relatively recently got this monster of a TV, from my brother since he got a newer one. Its a CRT with a damn big screen (Not sure of the measurement, but I'd guess 28 inch screen) and currently with my PS2 perched on top. My futon, currently folded as a couch, is right in front of it, with the PS2 games piled on the left side in 2 stacks, one for multiplayer, one for single. Nice and convenient =3
My desk is right next to the TV, against the wall, and is the other main gaming place I have. I have an N64, PSX(used to be my half brothers) and SNES(used to be my brothers) in the wardrobe, the opposite side of the room, along with a fair lot of games, but I don't really use them. The PSX is kinda superfluous now after all, the N64 I don't get in the mood to dig out so often now and the SNES...I mostly just don't want to wear it out, instead emulating on the good ol' PC. I also emulate for GBA, just because I like having it on a bigger screen.
My desk, incidentally, is mostly bare now, just with the PCs monitor (Also CRT, a 19 incher), mouse, keyboard, PS2 controller and a CD storage thing on it. Oh, and a bear.

A bear? you mean like a teddy bear or...

I also keep a NES Light Gun (or Zapper in the US) next to my Nintendo Wii, not for any real reason other than those old things look really cool.

Koji_Tsunami wrote:
A bear? you mean like a teddy bear or...

I also keep a NES Light Gun (or Zapper in the US) next to my Nintendo Wii, not for any real reason other than those old things look really cool.

Its a little cute ceramic one in a miniture mug, with the message, "I love you more than chocolate?". Cool

Oh, I see. Thanks for clarifying that.

No problem.
I don't think I'd trust my desk to support a full grown bear...and I haven't had any teddy bears since I was little. xP

<.< I think the ceramic bear is kinda dinting the feel of the rest of my 'gamerspace' though.

Adding a all new retro flare to my space is the snazy old NES! Got it from my cousin. Also made a clay worm that sites on top of it and stares at the player.
Captain Gamer

Oh, how I wish I had a digital camera. I'll just make do with my medium of choice, typed word.

Okay, I'm currently home in my room and now that I have a TV, I can officially have a gamerspace. From left to right on my desk is my Gamecube, monitor, and TV. Below the TV is my PC's CPU and next to it my old, worn, but lovable PS2 and two PS1 games, Final Fantasy VII and Legend of Legaia.

In the opposite wall is my closet, and that is where my collection of games rests. On the second-to-top shelf is where I keep my 26 Gameboy/Color/Advanced games up against the wall, and in front of those my 22 DS games. In between is my DS, Gameboy Advance SP, and yes, even a Gameboy Color. On the shelf below that is my 21 Gamecube games and for some reason the DVDs of Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Blazing Saddles. They share the space with my Gamecube controllers, a single PS1 controller, an Ivysaur that can shoot water, and my Goku collectible figure w/trading card.

I can either sit in my computer chair, or rotate the TV to be sitting on the bed while I play. I have a Wavebird for the CGN, so there's no trouble there, and the PS2 is right next to my bed; all the better!

My DS games are stacked according to status. The first stack is ones I have completely beaten, no need to go back unless I want to replay (Example - SBK: Snowboard Kids). Second is the games I've completed the basic flow of the game and all that's left is after-game extras (Exampe - Advance Wars: Dual Strike). Last, and most, is the stack of games I have not 'beaten' in any sense of the word (Currently - MegaMan Star Force: Dragon).

... And that's my gamerspace.

My gamerspace is actually pretty neat as far as the console, cords, and games. The games are under my TV, and the Wii is off to the side on a stereo speaker. The controllers are on the coffee table in front of the TV, usually quite nicely arranged.

And what's wrong with flicking pebbles?? *Flicks pebbles at Koji*
Naryu Elda

My brother's hording all the old systems, but in the living room, crowded around the TV, is the Dreamcast (with a controller sitting on top), the Wii with Twilight Princess inside (the Wiimotes with Nunchucks attached are on the sofa), the X-Box (with eight games' boxes sitting ontop), the VXR and DVD player, and hte PS2 (horizontal with five game-boxes ontop). On the floor infront of the TV are the controllers for the X-Box and the PS2, the PS1 and PS1 Screen, and two Guitar Heroes guitar-controllers. The Gamecube is sitting on the coffee table.
And on the left side of the couch is my Nintendo DS (with New Super Mario Brothers in it).

So yeah, its pretty darn cluttered.

Doesn't help that the bookcases in which we store the games are no longer organized. Forum Index -> Video Game Discussion
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